When you have arthritis, joint pain and weakness can make normal activities around the ...

Most people with arthritis wish to remain as independent as possible, so trying to find the right balance between providing help without be

Wendy's lived experience of juggling the financial impact of her condition. In managing this condition, you are juggling a lot

An outline of financial support that may be available to you.

Facing challenges can be frustrating, but the rewards of achieving goals big and small, can make all the difference. Hear from Ray Paulley

Even though inflammatory arthritis has an impact on Wendy's life every single day, she has found ways to live well and remain positive...

Realise your potential by challenging you limits. Wendy discloses some of the secrets to living with an inflammatory disease.

Getting the right shoes will make a difference for almost all foot problems and the importance of appropriate footwear should not be underes

Gardening is a really good form of exercise, but doing some actions over and over can lead to swelling (inflammation) and pain if you have a

If you have arthritis, self-help devices can make tasks easier on your joints and more efficient for you. These products, which range...

Wrist and hand splints may be recommended for you if you need protection and support for painful, swollen or weak joints in your hands...

You’ll need a thorough assessment of both the layout of your home and your own physical problems in order to choose the best stairlift for y

If you know someone with arthritis, there may be many ways you could offer them your help. How that help will depend on how serious their ar

If you know someone with PsA, you may try to sympathise or offer advice. But be aware that some sentiments may do more harm than good.

Wendy discusses the impact on her family life and career. Living with this condition doesn’t just impact me. It really impacts my husband

Most couples – whether they have arthritis or not – go through phases in their relationship when their sex life is less exciting or ...

Already pregnant or just starting to think about pregnancy? Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting and overwhelming times in most

Having a safe pregnancy is a top priority. Healthcare professionals work closely with patients who want to or are pregnant as arthritis can